w3c Introduced:  ?
w3c Deprecated:  ?
w3c DTD: Strict
Empty: No
Type: Inline
IE:  ?
Firefox:  ?
Safari:  ?
Opera:  ?

A is a HTML element. The A elements creates a link to another page.


Name Required Description
href No An URI that the anchor should link to.
hreflang No The language of the destination page.
type No The content-type of the destination page.
rel No The relationship between this page and the target page.
rev No The relationship between the target page and this page.
charset No The character encoding of the target page of the link.
Core attributes
Event attributes

Example usageEdit

<a href="">The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog</a>

Example outputEdit

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

Rendering problemsEdit

This element has no known rendering problems.


This element has no known accessibility problems.

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