The following will explain how to create a HTML element article.


1. Choose the element you are going to create an article about. (see List of HTML elements)

2. If the element is not on the list, add it to the list, using the naming convention NAME html element.

Example: TABLE html element

3. Add the following text to the page, replacing NAME with the name of the element (in capitals)

{{subst:Template:HTML Element | name=NAME}}

So for the TABLE element, the code would be:

{{subst:Template:HTML Element | name=TABLE}}

4. Save the article.

5. Go back and edit the newly created article. Make sure the example works, as many examples may need tuning to work with the wiki.


  • If there are no known issues with the rendering of the element in any major browsers (such as for example the A element, which is known to just work no matter what), you can freely remove all of the subsections for the different browsers, and replace them with text such as "This element has no known rendering problems."