This short guide will help you create a web browser article.

1. Do a search to make sure the browser doesn't already exist. It may already exist under another name.

2. Create a new page, with the common name of the browser, and "(browser)".

Example: Firefox (browser)

3. Write the article. Use the infobox {{Browser Infobox}}. Fill in the necessary information. Use information about the latest public release. Save.

4. Take a screenshot. Screenshots should be of the wiki home page, and be trimmed to the edges of the browser window. If the browser is not released under a free license, your screenshot must be less than 800x600 to qualify for fair use. Suggested filename: NAME VERISON "screenshot". Suggested format: png.

Example: Firefox 3 screenshot.png

5. Find out how the browser goes in the various acid tests (Acid1, Acid2, Acid3) and fill in the values into the infobox. Acid3 should be a percentage value. Take or find screenshots if the results are notably bizzare. Acid3 may be the exception because these tend to be fairly sane.

6. If your browser is not in the List of web browsers, add it now.

7. Congratulations, and thank you for contributing!