w3c Introduced:  ?
w3c Deprecated: HTML 4 for layout; use style sheets
w3c DTD: Strict
Empty: No
Type: Block
IE: Yes
Firefox: Yes
Safari: Yes
Opera: Yes

TABLE is a HTML element. It renders as a table. Semantic HTML specifies that tables should not be used for layout of the page, and should only be used for page content. The DIV html element element and CSS should be used for layout instead.


Name Required Description
align No Aligns a table. Deprecated.
bgcolor No Sets a background colour for the table. Deprecated.
border No Sets a border width for the table
cellpadding No
cellspacing No
frame No
rules No
summary No Defines a summary.
width No Width of the table. Percentage or pixels
Core attributes
Event attributes

Example usageEdit

<table><tr><td>Cell 1</td><td>Cell 2</td></tr><tr><td>Cell 3</td><td>Cell 4</td></tr></table>

Example outputEdit

Cell 1Cell 2
Cell 3Cell 4

Rendering problemsEdit


Insert general errors here.

Internet ExplorerEdit

Insert errors with Internet Explorer here.


Insert errors with Firefox here.


Insert errors with Safari here.


Insert errors with Opera here.

Other browsersEdit

Insert errors with other browsers here.


Some text browsers (e.g. Lynx) will have difficulty displaying this element. Search engines may also have problems with content in tables.

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